Areas of photography:

Conference Photography

A conference is a challenging environment for photographers, since there is very limited time to have the right shot.
You can't rehersal and you can have your subject to pose
In fact, from my point of view, the whole point is to take the pictures without your subjects to know they have been photographed
A casual genuine photo will tell the history of the event much better than the classic group photo of delegates smiling at the camera.
Conference photography also implies to capture renowned personalities both in the crowd as well as speakers, becasue the end goal of photographing a conference or a seminar is to use this material for promotional purposes for further events, and it will always be more atracctive to show important names on the photography record of the event.
This same principles apply to similar events, not only conferences.
In the Melbourne area, we have covered seminars, workshops, presentations, product launches, festivals, etc.
Although some of these require special attention to have a good record of sponsors.